Trinity Vineyard Fellowship

Trinity Vineyard Fellowship

Welcome to Trinity Vineyard

We are glad you chose to find out a little more about who we are and what we are about.
We are a small church with a big heart. Over 80% of the churches in the world have less than 100 people in them. 90% of them have fewer than 200. Bigger is not always better but we do want to grow and help start other Vineyard churches. If you are looking for a church of authentic Christians living out their faith in a loving thoughtful manner then come visit us.
We believe that being small is not a bad thing.
We believe being small gives us an advantage and is not a problem to fix.
Trinity Vineyard is a church where everybody knows your name and we’re always glad you came. You won’t get lost in the crowd, but you will be welcomed and respected for who you are and where you are on your journey of faith.
We are a casual community of faith located in downtown Fort Worth at 1401 W. 5t St. Most of us dress casually jeans, dockers, t-shirts, tennis shoes and sandals are OK and some folks even wear shorts to church.
What we do:

  • Worship – to tell Jesus how much we love him
  • Discipleship – to help us become more like Jesus
  • Fellowship – to love each other more
  • Ministry – to meet people’s needs
  • Evangelism – to bring people to Jesus

What is the Vineyard? That really is an important question. What distinguishes us from other movements, other churches, other denominations? Why do we even exist? When asking that question, we are really addressing the issue of core values. What are those core values that define us? Below are links to videos detailing each of our core values. The Vineyard’s Statement of Faith is included within the Core Values booklet.
We are a people of the Kingdom of God who…
Partner with the Holy Spirit
Experience and worship God
Reconcile people with God and all creation
Engage in compassionate ministry
Pursue culturally relevant mission in the world

To view the Core Values and Beliefs booklet, click here.
To know more about the movement we are part of click