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Our mission is to guide people of all backgrounds into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe connecting with God is a vital part of human existence and an integral part of the Christian life.


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Prophetic Insights: 5776 and Beyond!

7 Decrees for 5776 and Beyond!   My Word Is Alive and Active! This phrase of course comes from Hebrews 4:12. But recently I had a visitation where the “glory of the Lord” appeared in my living room from floor to ceiling as a cylinder of His presence, and amber colors swirled around. A DNA […]


Prophetic Word: Doorway to Advancement

Prophetic Word: Doorway to Advancement Doug Addison September 2015 This month is an exciting time for us all. The Jewish New Year, called Rosh Hashanah, falls on September 13–15 this year. Yom Kippur, (or Day of Atonement) is September 22–23 and is considered one of the most holy Jewish holidays. Even though we are no […]


Winds of God are Blowing

While driving to work on 8-26-15 I began to sing a spontaneous song about the winds of God are blowing. The words were something to the effect of the wind of God are blowing, the winds of God are flowing, the doors of heaven are open, the rains of heaven are flowing, the windows of […]

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